• Pool Type
  • Project Type Hotels & Condos
  • Project Service Facility Audit
  • StatusCompleted 2013
  • Architect


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Rittenhouse Hotel

Philadelphia, PA

An audit of the swimming pool at the Rittenhouse Hotel was performed to investigate the potential sources of leaks coming from the natatorium area to the floors below.  The general condition of the swimming pool and mechanical equipment was also evaluated.  Multiple locations were identified as potential sources of the pool leak including areas within the pool, pool deck, and pool deck drainage system.  Recommendations were made for further investigations and repairs in these areas.

Additional recommendations were made including:

  • Renovations to the main drain and suction piping to comply with the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act.
  • Renovations to bring the pool mechanical and chemical treatment equipment up to the current industry standard.
  • Replacement of the original PVC pool piping and fittings, vinyl pool liner, and the underwater lights.