Dream Facility 2006

The Counsilman Hunsaker Dream Facility is a collaboration of the entire company.
Aquatics International magazine, 2006 Dream Facilities edition

The Lodge of the Five Senses could be an appropriate name for our destination hotel. This resort, which is located in the nation’s heartland, will be, first and foremost, a successful business.  To accomplish this objective, our business plan focuses on repeat visits by our guests, their friends and relatives.  Therefore, our visitors must leave with positive memories.

Behavioral scientists tell us that memories are comprised of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the sensation of touch.  Our hideaway waterpark will stimulate the sense of sight as it passes through sunrise, mid day, sunset and night time.  – six times in 24 hours.  This visual transition of a day’s cycle, every four hours, will make a lasting impression on guests of every age.  In addition to the atmospheric changes, the bright colors of swimsuits, water action features, waterslides and the suspended satellites from the ceiling draws our eyes to the 150 ft. high apex of the dome.  An incomparable visual sensation is experienced by those adventurers who journey, by water propelled elevator, to the cavernous ceiling.  From the high perch, participants step off and drop rapidly in the security of their own boatswain’s chair, attached to a repelling line which guides the rider to a safe splashdown in the pool below.

Adding to the sensations of sight, touch, sound (acoustics) is the transformation of the atmosphere when up to 30% of the roof retracts, in appropriate weather, and releases humidity and sound while also changing the light quality of the enclosed envelope.

With the roof closed, the nighttime cycle is a beautiful celestial show made possible with a planetarium-type projector which produces a sky full of stars, planets, and a pale crescent moon.  This illusion creates a romantic setting in the bistros, balconies and suites surrounded by the clear night sky.  At other times in the daily cycle, the ceiling can simulate a Colorado sunrise over a mountain range, and a Mexican sunset with a brilliant crimson cloud formation created by a sky-filling scattering of ash from a nearby volcano.

The focal point of the night scenes will be the giant fountains, which operate 24 hours a day.  This programmed water feature will be the visual anchor of the space with changing patterns and colors.  Guests can still use the wave pools, river and plunge pools, because lifeguards are equipped with light weight, night vision goggles.

The sounds at night are worth staying up for.  Jungle bird calls and animal cries will suggest a visit to the dark recesses of the Amazon.  But these creatures will soon withdraw and the night is filled with man-made melodies reminisant of Polynesian, South African and other cultures wishing to set aside the worries of the day.  Carried on the gentle breezes will be the sweet smell of flowering plants native to the tropics.  This will be a recognizable memory of association prompted by future aromatic encounters, jogging the recesses of the mind.

Many consider it a waste of time to talk about resorts and not mention the taste of food and drink.  The many fruit recipes served on the beaches and verandas of famous seaside retreats are well-known.  Beach parties, pig roasts, and luaus will be memorable for parents and children.  A 24-hour buffet will provide confidence that worrying about meals is unnecessary.

Our fifth sense is that of touch.  In this sheltered water garden, the medium most frequently touched is water, i.e. moving water, falling water, cold water, warm water, hot water.  We also walk on water covered surfaces, dry surfaces and sit in slides, on furniture and on the deck, often with the wind to our back.

This waterpark features two giant waterslides, 190 ft. and 250 ft., accessed via a concourse to an enclosed stair tower and splashdown pool.  The enclosed raft slides snake their way outdoors and then enter the indoor splashdown pool next to the stair tower.

A destination attraction can choose one of two business strategies.  One option is to provide a static entertainment package which, to the extreme, can be the same menu week after week, i.e.  mechanical animal shows for children and the same water features year after year.  Or, a slowly changing mix of old and new, plus additions can be the business plan to maintain freshness.  Often it is more costly and time consuming to change features than it is to change live entertainment.  The waterpark experience can be accented with professional entertainment either scheduled or spontaneous throughout the park several times a day.  The latter provides flexibility at a minimal cost to the operator.  Live shows will be performed on the pool decks during the night time segment, changing every night with a three-day cycle. This adds variety for everyone.

Like sky boxes at a professional sports stadium, preferred rooms and suites overlook the indoor waterpark with its soaring dome, brilliant night time view and of course, the movement of guests in the pools during all hours.

The above describes the hotel’s waterpark, which is in operation year ‘round, whether the leaves outside are blooming or falling, whether it is snowing or 100 degrees in the sun. During the summer months, the resort provides an outdoor activity pool complex with leisure pool, sprayground and endless river plus a water action pool with a geyser fountain and water play features.  This relaxing poolscape, which provides a break from the indoor activities,  is surrounded by liberal deck areas with a panoramic view overlooking a beautiful lake beyond.



  • A 120 degree partitioned wave pool with diamond waves in one section and roll raves in the other.
  • Endless river – 950 lineal feet
  • Raft waterslides – 190 lineal feet and 250 lineal feet
  • Leisure pool with haystacks, participatory water features and fountains = 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Spa cluster of five bodies of water with varying temperatures
  • Rainforest
  • 20 repelling boatswain’s chairs to water 120 ft. below in three-minute cycles
  • Sprayground – 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Retractable roof segment over waterpark
  • Hotel rooms and suites overlooking water playscape
  • Restaurants and food courts overlooking pools


  • Meandering river with sprays, fountains, and bridges – 290 lineal feet
  • Leisure pool with passive features such as bubble couches, underwater benches and fountains
  • Sprayground with stand of fountain features
  • Activity pool with programmed haystacks and geysers plus water cannons and splash buckets
  • Sun decks with sun relief shelters