Mike Gartland

Mike is the Director of the Pacific Studio responsible for leading the Counsilman-Hunsaker team on the West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska. Mike has 28 years of proven experience in the Energy and Building construction industries with concentrated emphasis in team leadership, business development, engineering, service, and operations.

Swimming and aquatics have always been a part of Mike’s life including attending swim camp with “Doc” Counsilman as a young age-group swimmer. He was a 3-time Collegiate All-American and a team captain at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and continues swimming today as a Masters swimmer. Mike’s unique combination of a passion for swimming, leadership experience, and technical knowledge enables him to connect effectively with all stakeholders during the design process.

Mike is known for bringing a high level of energy and fun to his pursuits and his role at Counsilman-Hunsaker will allow Mike to continue to use his leadership capabilities and engineering experience to deliver high-quality aquatic solutions to our clients.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Drexel University.