Facility Manager F.A.Q.

  1. Can I get a package deal on Facility Manager and Lifeguard Manager if I buy both at the same time?
    Yes, customers are eligible to receive $100 off when they purchase both Lifeguard Manager and Facility Manager together in a single transaction. Additionally, existing American Red Cross customers may receive 10% off the total cost of HydroApps when they use their Aquatic Representative’s product coupon code.
  2. Can I create my own checklist questions? 
    Yes, you may customize the checklists by adding or removing any checklist items you need. In fact, you can do the same type of customization in the Pool Test module, if you’re including that in your HydroApps package as well.
  3. Can I have different checklists for different facilities? 
    Yes, checklists can be facility-specific if you have multiple facilities. And since administrators can select which facilities a lifeguard or a manager is working at, your staff will have access to the right forms if they’re also doing checklists and reports in Facility Manager.
  4. Can I view which outstanding issues from a checklist have been completed?
    Yes, HydroApps makes it easy to view the completed checklist, past completed issues, and any outstanding issues through Checklist Reports under the Reports section. Outstanding issues can also be viewed under the Checklists section for easy workflow viewing and completion.
  5. Can I share reports with others outside of HydroApps? 
    Yes, all reports in HydroApps can be generated in a PDF format and most reports in Excel format. For example, both Pool Closure and Illness reports can be exported to excel or PDF to be shared with others who may not have access to HydroApps.