ACT – In February 2002, Chemtrol developed a single source product referred to as The ACT program is a method of shock-feeding non-chlorine shock into the pool water.

The Chemtrol 5000 measures both PPM and ORP and it adds chlorine to control the PPM and adds monopersulfate to control the ORP.  ACT feeds small doses of monopersulfate at a constant rate.  Cost is approximately $5000 more than traditional sanitizing systems.

Using ACT will double the owner’s chemical usage costs.  CH feels this cost is worth it because that money will be saved in the life cycle costs.

ACT is still a viable option as a cheaper means for a secondary sanitizing system (ECS has been eliminated from the master spec).  UV is Counsilman - Hunsaker’s first recommendation for a secondary sanitization system.

ACT has not had the performance issues that the ECS system has had because of the monopersulfate delivery differences of the two systems.

If CH is specifying the ACT system, it needs to have the PPM probe.  If we are just specifying a controller, the probe is unnecessary.

ACT systems do require a good air handling system as oxidizers off-gas and these gases need to be removed from the air at the surface of the water.

PoolPak doubles their warranty on their HVAC units if ACT is used.

ACT should not be used for renovations without an evaluation provided by Chemtrol.

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