Water surface agitators should be located below each diving board used for competition. Water is typically supplied to these agitators by a dedicated pump. However, recirculated water can be taken from the discharge of the recirculation pump.  If a regenerative media filter is utilized, the agitator piping should connect downstream of the filter pre-coat loop to avoid getting filter media in the agitation system.  Potable water is rarely used for these features.

One agitator fitting should be provided for each diving board/platform.  Each agitator fitting has a flow requirement of 12 GPM.  The head loss for these fittings should be considered 8’ TDH.

Water surface agitator pumps are often combined with a drain down pump.  A drain down pump is typically sized at 100 GPM, 25’ TDH.

Valves should be provided in the deck beneath, or nearby, each diving stand/board for adjustment of the water surface agitators.

CH’s preferred agitator is manufactured by Crystal Fountains (Combination Jet, model #WMD104) and has two interchangeable spray nozzles.

A remote on/off switch should be provided on the pool deck or in the pool office for convenient operation of the water surface agitator pump.

For applications where deck boxes are not desired, a solenoid valve can be located on the main agitator supply line prior to the supplies splitting and feeding each water surface agitator through a typical 1” ball valve accessible through a bronze access hatch. The solenoid will be activated by a toggle switch located in a receptacle near the diving boards in the natatorium. Electrical requirements will need to be coordinated with project engineer for locating the receptacle.

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