AutoCAD and BIM

BIM Describes the use of digital technologies to create a visual representation of the information and relationships required to undertake the conception, design, construction and operation of a built facility.

Autodesk Revit is building information modeling software.  CH maintains up to 3 releases to meet client requirements; as the same release/version must be used by all project disciplines

Possible client needs driving Revit decision: Illustrating design intent, rendering, clash detection

Be sure to consider project type/location (indoor/outdoor/elevated/renovation/spa)

Do not volunteer Revit!  Ask for guidance when in doubt.

When required, design models are created for the sole purpose of illustrating design intent; not for the purposes of quantity take-offs, fabrication or construction.  A CH BIM model is supplied as a supplemental design tool and shall not be considered as a part of the final deliverable package.  Autodesk AutoCAD is the primary software platform used by CH for the production of 2-Dimensional (2D) Contract Documents on all design related projects.  Deliverables include DWG & PDF. 

Custom content and modifications to models are time intensive.  Revit requires a change to workflow; more information/decisions up front.

CONTRACT & FEE - AutoCAD has been added to the standard CH contract as the base software platform with DWG and PDF files as standard delivery formats.   When BIM is required, the contract shall include proper language that outlines the desired CH scope level.

BIM Execution Plan – written outline that defines project specific approaches to BIM; created by Architect and/or Contractor.

PIPING PLANS - CH’s traditional design approach includes 2D piping plans with the General Piping Notes stating, “ALL PIPING INDICATED SHALL BE CONSIDERED DIAGRAMMATIC.”  This means pipe runs, slopes, elevations and any other 3D relationship is not a part of CH’s current contract scope.  In BIM, “modeled” piping requires such information.  Therefore, CH’s BIM deliverable does NOT include piping layouts to/from the pool shell and pool mechanical space.   

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