If the GMP process is not used, the team will issue a Bid Set that goes out to all contractors for them to bid on the project. We should be at a 99% CD Level at this point providing drawings and specifications.

CH’s objective is that the low bid for our part of the project be below budget estimate.

How this can be accomplished.

  • Maximize competition between swimming pool contractor’s (SPC) bidding the project.
  • Minimize restrictions, limitations, sole product sources and exclusions while maintaining CH standards.
  • Minimize limitations by structuring specs to accept different methods of construction popular in the local market.  Use alternates and/or substitutions to accommodate (and control) different, but equal systems, i.e. PAC and CIP.
  • Utilize market area’s SPCs’ means, methods and techniques to maximize competition.

Inform SPCs in market area of pending bid opportunity in order to maximize bidding competition via e-mail, phone, fax, or form letter.

Use options, substitutions, and contractor’s voluntary alternates to control real competitiveness among bidders, i.e. avoid alternates and options that give advantage to one bidder over the others.

If there is any deviation from the basis of design equipment it is the responsibility of the contractor to confirm that all engineering criteria are appropriate for the substituted equipment.  The contractor must obtain written documentation from the manufacturer that the proposed substitution meets or exceeds all requirements of the specified product.  The contractor must also provide written documentation that they have fully reviewed the product substitution and that it meets or exceeds all requirements of the specified product.  This requirement is for all substantial equipment.

Understand the SPCs who will most likely bid a project and utilize the swimming pool contractor database.

On occasion a pool contractor may contact the project manager about the project’s construction budget.  It is up to the project manager to use his or her discretion with this information.  The PM may respond with ballpark figures, or potentially lead the contractor to believe that the budget is below the actual budget.

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