Command Centers

Command centers were common on CH projects in the mid to late 80s, prior to the prevalence of computers. They were designed to create a motor control center for all of the analog readings in the pool system. IUPUI was the first in 1978.  Average starting price is around $15-20K

Command centers are for use only on high-end competitive facilities.  Neptune Benson stainless steel panels should be used as a base.  Chemtrol 6000 or Strantrol System 5 is equal to a Command Center.

The command center should, preferably, have an overlook of all of the bodies of water and contain the controls for the natatorium overhead lighting system, the public address system/sound system, and monitoring systems for the natatorium environmental conditions, i.e., P.C. for air temperatures, water temperatures, relative humidity, chemical levels, recirculation system components, (motors, valves, pumps, etc).

Since 2000, complex chemical controllers (and interaction with PCs) have made the command center concept obsolete.

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