Competitive Pool Deck Widths

Shallow end of a rectangular pool should be a minimum of 12 feet from water's edge to second pool.

Side of pool deck width should be a minimum of 10 feet from water's edge to building wall on the side opposite the spectator area.  Consider if tip-roll bleachers will be used for deck seating of athletes.

Deck width in front of spectator area must be adequate to allow spectators to view the entire completive area.  This typically requires 16’ of more deck between the pool and the first row of seating.  Seating areas that fill from above (and have no walkway at the lowest row) can minimize the required deck.  A glass rail system at front of spectator area maximized views.

The dimensions are to the natatorium wall and include wall-mounted benches.

Television and sound broadcast may be considered if the pool is planned for national or international events, which may be televised or broadcast. The broadcasting companies should be consulted as to their requirements.

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