Crossing Activities

Manufacturers recommend wrapping the deck with padding four (4) feet from the wall, but only extending the pad eight (8) feet. It’s CH standard to extend this padding for a length of 12 feet, centered on the crossing activity.  The manufacturers and CH are consistent in recommending that the support columns are set back 4 feet from the pool wall and left un-padded.

CH has teamed with Playtime to create a company standard on our water walk features. Water walks can vary in size from 19-4” min to 30’-6” from pool wall to pool wall.  CH design starting point will be 20’-10”, 25’-8” & 30’-6”.  They may use 4 to 6 floatables spaced 10” min to 16” max from edge to edge.  Floatables may be staggered as long as they are no more than 16” apart measured at the closest point diagonally.  The first and last floatables must be 17” from edge of the floatable to the edge of the pool wall.  Posts will be set 4’-0” from edge of pool wall to front of post.  If themed, the posts will be set at 4’-8 ½” from center of post to pool wall.  Posts can be set 5’-0” min to 8’-0 max, this dimension will be set by the PM.  Safety Pads will be 96”x48”x12”x2” thick for all water walk configurations.

Historically, CH has experienced sagging issues with the overhead nets. See Murfreesboro, TN, Baytown, TX, and Salem, IL for a few examples.  CH requires knot and tee connectors to help alleviate this situation and keep the net more rigid.

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