Deck Design (Structural)

Most slab-on-grade pool decks are 4” slabs. ACI recommends control joints at 10’ to 13’ spacing, depending on the concrete mix and aggregate size.  Expansion joints are typically placed where the slab abuts a more rigid element like a wall or column.

McComas typically shows control joints in a roughly square pattern not exceeding the 10’ to 13’ limits, expansion joints at intersections of the slab with other elements, and they indicate that construction joints are to be determined by the contractor but must occur at a control joint location.

The control joints are usually 1/8” wide and no more than ¼” wide by 1” deep. If there are soil concerns with water seeping down from the joints (typically expansive soils), the joints will need to be filled, but this is rarely done.

Expansion joint location, quantity and spacing will likely depend on local climactic conditions.

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