Deck Finishes

The deck material needs to be of a non-slip material for patients whose walking ability is hampered and people wearing water shoes walking on a wet deck. Ease of deck cleaning should be considered.

The swimming pool deck around the pools should be of a slip-resistant surface. The tile should have abrasion resistance with PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings of either 4 (for “heavy duty floors”) or 5 (for “extra heavy duty floors”).

While 1 inch x 1 inch ceramic tile set on a reinforced concrete slab is the traditional solution for indoor competition venues, consideration may also be given to other tile sizes. A medium broom finish concrete remains the standard for exterior installations and may also be considered for indoor installation if a budget is a concern.

Deck materials should have a slip resistance factor of 0.6 or better.

Dark stained concrete should be avoided in high traffic areas of the pool deck for exterior installations due to heat absorption.

Similarly, outdoor deck tile should use light colored tiles for lack of heat absorption.


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