Design Development

The drawings for this phase should include the site plan, plan and section views of the pool(s), pool details, plan view of the filter room and surge tank (if applicable), mechanical details, and system schematics. Pool piping, filter room sections, and surge tank sections are not required at this time. The specification requirements for this phase will depend on the owner.  Typically, we would update our outline specification from the Schematic Design Phase.  Universities might request full specifications at this time so they can begin to review.  Full specifications can be found in T:/Master Specs.  The MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural) letter is issued to the architect and design team during this phase.  This letter outlines major coordination items between the above stated disciplines and the swimming pool.  The MEP letter can be found in T:/coordination documents/design/master MEP coordination letter.doc.

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