Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite is a plaster/marcite product that contains either quartz or small stones. It is troweled on very similar to plaster and some of the cream is washed off at the end to expose some of the material. It is very difficult to get it exposed properly and the durability is questionable as the product contains calcium carbonate, which is damaged by acid.

Diamond Brite finish above water will have a dry appearance that will differ from the plaster below the water. Some check cracking may occur.  Whenever possible, water curing of exposed areas for 7 to 28 days will lessen the occurrence of shrinkage cracking and increase the overall strength of the plaster.

The lifespan of Diamond Brite is generally longer than of plaster. Industry experience has shown that Diamond Brite pools, if maintained in a wet or moist condition, will typically have a lifespan of 7 to 15 years.  In most cases achieving a 10 year life on a Diamond Brite surface is expected.

The Division 13 Cementitious Finish Specification includes a 3 year warranty on all cementitious finishes, including Diamond Brite.

The cost of Diamond Brite has a slight premium of approximately $2/SF when compared to plaster. However, when comparing life cycle cost the increased lifespan of Diamond Brite generally proves to be the better long term economic decision.

  • Manufacturers of Diamond Brite have historically been unwilling to warranty their product in non-submerged environments. Therefore, CH does not recommend using Diamond Brite for seasonal pools that will be drained in the winter.
    • American Plaster / Gibbs Construction is a factory certified installer of Diamond Brite and River Rok. They are a traveling installer in the Midwest and completed a project at Fairview Park Ohio.  While this is not an outdoor pool complex, Gibbs relayed to CH that they have been using Diamond Brite for seasonal pools for a number of years without any of the typical dry plaster finish issues.  When asked about Southern Grout and Mortar’s stance on dry pool applications, he remarked that his company has handled the warranty on the pool for ten (10) years.  SGM has not changed their stance on the warranty of seasonal pools.  If Diamond Brite is used, it must be kept either fully submerged or moist.

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