USA Swimming/FINA

Course        Tolerance                  Minimum         Maximum

25 yard       + 1 3/16” /- 0”          75’ – ¾”          75’ – 1   15/16”

25 Meter     + 1 3/16”/- 0”           82’ – 1”           82’ – 2   3/16”

50 Meter     + 1 3/16”/- 0”           164’ – 1 ¼”     164 – 2   7/16”

When receiving pool survey for Florida State it was noticed that a pool can meet the CH specifications without meeting NCAA regulations. It was also noticed a pool can meet CH specifications and not meet USA Swimming and FINA. CH standards allows a pool to be too long.

CH specifications in the past gave a +/- tolerance for pool length.  All governing bodies (USA Swimming, NCAA swimming, FINA, NFSA) only give a plus tolerance for pool length.

The NCAA rules regarding pool length do not agree with FINA and USA swimming rules. A pool can meet FINA regulations and not meet NCAA regulations. This was brought to the attention of the NCAA rules committee and will be discussed at their next meeting (2008).

Counsilman-Hunsaker specifications should reflect the governing bodies of swimming. The master templates, specs, and nominal dimensions will change to reflect USA swimming, FINA, and NCAA. The dimension shown on the pool drawings will be minimum dimensions and include the given tolerance. The tolerance will have a plus value and a minus value of zero.

The NCAA “maximum” is smaller due to a “plus tolerance” of only ½”.

  • A 25 yard competition pool should be shown on drawings as 75’- ¾”.
  • A 25 meter competition pool should be shown on drawings as 82’-1”.
  • A 50 meter competition pool should be shown on drawings as 164’-1 ¼”.
  • The above measurements are wall to wall and take into consideration touch pads.
  • The overall dimension string should say “MINIMUM” after the actual measurement.
  • The note “REFER TO SWIMMING POOL SPECIFICATIONS FOR COMPETITION RACECOURSE TOLERANCES” should be included in the general pool notes.

Certification of length is required for all high-end competition pools.  Official certification forms for the lane measurements are available from USA Swimming and must be submitted by the pool contractor.

USA swimming certifies six lane pools as long as they have acceptable lane length and width.  There are actually more certified six lane pools than any other variety.

Having an eight lane pool can certainly be an advantage in terms of hosting events.  USA swimming has a “four hour rule”…teams are fined if a session goes beyond four hours.  Meet selection committees will always prefer eight lanes over six because more athletes can be entered in the meet – larger meets, faster meets.  Nonetheless six lane pools host a great number of USA Swimming events.

In areas with numerous eight-lane pools, a six lane pool will likely not be selected to host events.

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