Electrical Outlets

Electrical utility outlets are required within the pool deck area. These outlets should be located every 50 to 75 feet, be GFI protected and located in accordance with the requirements of NEC 680 and all local codes and requirements. Electrical outlets should also be located in the filter room and be GFI protected.

If there is a concession area off of or near the pool deck to which bathers in wet bathing suits have access, and in which stainless steel counters are installed, it is recommended that all related electrical outlets that power food service equipment also be GFI protected.

110 VAC electric outlets will be required at the scoreboard location, one for each panel, as well as near the timer’s station and elsewhere as required by the manufacturer,

Require a couple of outlets 7 feet off the deck for pace clocks if it is a competitive/lap swimming facility.

220V was required around pool in the past.  Most current vacuums today only require 110V.

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