Filter Requirements

All filters must be NSF approved and stamped accordingly.

Vacuum and pressure gauges should be system 2-1/2” stainless steel.

All face piping and valves should be Schedule 80 PVC.

All internal supports should be 316L stainless steel or Schedule 80 PVC.

Automatic air relief: each tank should be hard piped to either the nearest floor drain or the backwash pit.

Tank anchors should have seismic legs that are anchored to the floor.

The project manager should decide whether or not a 4” housekeeping pad should be provided for the filter tanks. Housekeeping pads are often advantageous for cleaning purposes and when seismic activity is a concern.  They can also be a good location for the surge tank access hatch on deck-level gutter pools (the access hatch and valve sleeves will then be approximately 4” higher than the pool water level, reducing the likelihood of flooding).  However, the additional 4” might not be practical in certain situations where clearance is an issue.  The architect is responsible for designing housekeeping pads for the pool filters.  The housekeeping pads should be made out of reinforced concrete and meet the proper anchoring requirements.  This should be coordinated with the structural engineer.

Housekeeping pads beneath the hair and lint strainers are required when the diameter of the suction piping is 6” and larger.

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