Maintenance on floatables is difficult. A member of the staff that is trained on how to repair foam is often required.  For water parks, repairs need to be done daily.  For municipal facilities, repairs should be done monthly or seasonally based on the usage.

The advantage of floatables is that they are soft, so kids do not get hurt.

Playtime recommends that floatables be placed at water depths of no less than 3’-0” deep. Verify other manufacturers requirements if using someone else as the basis of design.

CH Standard: Floatables should be placed at a water level of no less than 3’-0” and no more than 3’-6”.  Clearances should be at least 8’-0” (96”) from any obstruction (wall, ledge, play equipment, etc).  CH recommends at least 8’-0” (96”) of clearance outside to outside.  CH recommends a NBGS type anchor, which is a plastic coated chain anchor that is attached to an embed anchor plate in the floor.

Conventional spacing between adjacent floatables in a crossing activity or floatable walk is 10” minimum to 16” maximum. The first and last floatable should be located 17” from the pool wall.  This should be confirmed with the manufacturer.

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