Flocrete is an acrylic cement deck coating that has been used on selected CH projects since around 2004. Scope has predominantly been limited to the zero beach entry above the grating and down to the flat play structure area.

Flocrete has stood up extremely well in the outdoor municipal environment in Texas and is now starting to be used elsewhere.

Flocrete has a significant texture to it. It is basically as hard as concrete, so it does not provide any level of fall protection if that is desired.

Flocrete costs between $5 and $6 per square foot.

  • Several contractors are unfamiliar with Flocrete and its application. While installation can fall under “means and methods,” below is typically how it’s applied:
    • Pressure wash the existing concrete surface with a minimum of 3,500 psi of water pressure.
    • Float concrete surface with a 1/8” to 1” base coat material made up of white Portland cement, silica sand and an acrylic modifier. (Note: This step allows the installer to work out any slope and cross slope issues and, or slope to drains, but more importantly it provides a uniform base over which to apply the texture).
    • Using an acoustic spray gun apply a 1/8” thick texture of a white Portland cement and silica sand mix to the base coated concrete surface.  Knock down the texture with large rounded concrete finishing trowels until a consistent texture is achieved. Allow three to four days of curing time prior to staining.
    • Stain the newly textured surface with one coat of a H & C silicone acrylic concrete sealer sold by Sherwin Williams. Add and continually mix shark grip or aluminum oxide granules with the stain to provide the desired coefficient of friction for a slip resistant surface.


The surface can be periodically cleaned using a pressure washer, a citric based liquid cleaner, and or with a solution of a nonabrasive liquid soap and tap water.

Flocrete should last 5 years without re-staining. Longevity will likely depend on the color selections (brighter colors will likely fade quicker) and care as well.

The Sherwin Williams H&C sealer is not warranted for submerged duty so the installing contractor will need to bear the burden of warranty repairs.

The Division 13 Cementitious Finish Specification includes a 3 year warranty on all cementitious finishes, including FloCrete.

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