General Pool Design – Landscaping

The landscaping of a pool-scape is done for several reasons. The most important is to create a fabric of plant material to surround and compliment the aquatic center.  How this is done will be influenced by climate, the choice of plants/ground cover and the landscape designer’s theme.

Perhaps equally important is the use of large landscape elements to screen wind, provide shade, shield visual and sound sources that are considered undesirable. Some people consider trees near a pool to be an unacceptable arrangement because they presume the trees will shed leaves and create a housekeeping problem.  There are situations where this can be a problem but often the beauty and softness that is achieved with appropriate species is worth the limited sweeping and vacuuming of the pool.  Likewise, the choice of plant material can deter birds and insects.  The seasonality of the location and prevailing winds are all factors in developing a successful landscape design solution.

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