Hotel Waterparks

An indoor or outdoor waterpark is added to a hospitality property for two reasons.

The waterpark is an amenity that fills more hotel rooms as the recreational aspect of a waterpark is appealing and due to the waterpark amenity people are willing to spend more money to stay at that hotel.

The double bonus to the hotel property is an increase in occupied rooms along with an increase in average daily rate (ADR). An indoor waterpark also has the advantage of providing recreation activity regardless of the outdoor weather increasing its attractiveness.

The waterpark design must mesh with the hotel functions as an integral unit. This includes everything from how the different type of guests may circulate on the property (business suits vs. swim suits) to back of house deliveries, food service across the property, increase in laundry requirements due to a substantial increase in pool towel usage, energy usage, water usage, waterpark operating hours, additional staff parking, etc…

Early in the process it must be decided if the waterpark will be available to guests of the hotel only or whether it will be open to outside guests also. If open to outside guests, the requirements for locker room facilities substantially increases due to outside guests not having hotel rooms with showers accessible for their use.  A separate outside entrance point to the waterpark is desired to keep outside guest traffic separated from the hotel guest traffic.

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