Interactive Play Structure

There has been some conflicting information floating around regarding the proper depths of interactive play features (12” minimum vs. 18” minimum) and whether or not the units can be installed on a sloped entry. According to Whitewater, their units with a slide runout can only be installed in zero entry areas 12” or less.  For installations deeper than 12”, a runout cannot be used, and barrier nets will need to be installed on either side of the slide terminus.  Also, the play features can be customized to be installed on sloped entries.  Their only request is that the pool floor not be sloped underneath a slide runout, or across the steps (i.e. the floor slope should be perpendicular to the stair treads).

Manifold piping underneath the main play structure platform should be PVC and not galvanized steel.

Interactive play structures have recently incorporated a transfer platform. Apparently, this is for ADA access, which seems questionable.  Whitewater has referenced the following ASTM F1487-01 sections,,,,,

The City of Ballwin’s play feature has significant calcium buildup/deposits on their play SCS does not have a chemical for removing this but they have heard from operators that vinegar works well.  Apply vinegar to a soft cloth, wipe on area needed to be cleaned, allow to set for 30 seconds (or so) wipe down with cloth again and spray off with hose (light spray/no power washer).

Whitewater has had several internal conversations about eliminating climbing nets from a lot of their interactive play structures. They are fairly expensive and only one manufacturer makes them.  On several occasions the climbing net manufacturer has been late in delivering their product.  Whitewater also reported that the nets often have to be replaced after a few years.  As an alternative, they have suggested designing an additional slide in the place of the climbing net.  Owners should be apprised of potential maintenance issues and discuss alternative options during design.

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