CH standard on all rollout, parapet, and fully recessed pools is to position the lane line anchor above the grating in the back of the gutter or parapet.

Lane line extensions with PVC jackets should be used over the C701 tile.  The jacket will help protect the C701 tile.  If lane lines are allowed to be under the C701 tile, it will submerge the lane lines about 7' to 10' feet away from the anchor and alter the function of the anti-wave rings so that energy is not dissipated.  On a deck level gutter, lane lines must be placed under the C701 tile.

Lane lines should be centered between wall targets.

Colors should alternate the length of the pool with a contrasting solid color for the final 15 feet for a 25 yard course or 16 feet 5 inches for a 25 or 50 meter course.  The color of the ends may be one of the alternating colors or a third color.

Contrasting colored disks should be provided as part of the lane lines at 15 meters from each end of the pool.  These are required for judges to make sure swimmers do not exceed 15 meters of underwater swimming on each length of the course.

Higher-end competitive facilities should use 6” diameter lane lines, while lower-end, recreational and fitness swimming facilities should use 4” diameter lane lines.  The storage requirements for 6” diameter lines are far more than 4” diameter lines.

50 – meter pool lane line requirements should be carefully considered.  Disconnects that allow 25-yard lines to be converted to 50 meter lines are typically used but the look of the 50-meter course is diminished by such.  Coaches have offered that a group of swimmers can switch the pool from short course to long course in a shorter amount of time with disconnects than with complete removal/installation of lines.

One spare floating lane line that can accommodate all racecourses should also be provided.

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