Pebble Sheen

The Pebble Sheen material is made up of a smaller stone that is applied similarly to the Pebble Tec finish. However, the applicator will do a light buffing with a diamond sanding disc while completing the acid wash.  This buffing is done to remove any loose pebbles or “high points” in the pool finish (steps and benches may be buffed more than other areas).

A Pebble Sheen finish is a more traditional look that takes on the features of granite. It does not have the same texture as a Pebble Tec finish. The choice between the two is a consumer preference.

Pools with Pebble Sheen finishes should always have waterline tile.

The Division 13 Cementitious Finish Specification includes a 3 year warranty on all cementitious finishes, including Pebble Sheen.

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