The master specification should not address what the responsibility of the consultant and architect are doing in the permit process. Specification is intended to direct the Contractor regarding construction of the pool and its related items as well as their quality assurance, warranty, and project close-out requirements.

The architect is responsible for coordinating and confirming the necessary plan review and permitting process for the pool and its related elements with the state and/or local health departments.  CH can lend its experience working with the Department of Health.  One of the biggest issues when requesting plan review and approval is the extended length of time sometimes required to obtain plan review comments and subsequent approvals which can delay the start of construction.  The architect should determine whether plan review and approval by the Health Department can occur prior to the submittal of the entire project for the building permit.  Often the Swimming Pool Contractor is responsible for obtaining the actual permits as well as the final approval of the aquatic facility after construction has been completed and prior to its opening.

In situations where it is needed, (especially in strict or long lead code reviews), the CH permit log should be implemented as an overview of the communication with the state and local code reviewers.

In some cases, in the past, the permitting agency has requested the basis of design information (cut sheets) on standard products (main drain grating, filters, pumps, heaters, etc.) be submitted for review and comment.  CH should direct the swimming pool contractor on any changes from the submitted (BOD) information to the permit application.  The equipment may be deemed “equal” by the project engineer.  But the permitting agency will need record of the equipment.

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