Project Close-Out

The project manager/ construction administrator completes a contractor assessment form.

  • Contractors are ranked from 0-5 on the contractor assessment form that is filled out at the end of each project.
  • A Zero represents an unacceptable performance and a Five rates the performance as excellent.  Three represents a base line or a minimum acceptable performance.
  • A contractor that falls into the two range has slipped into what should be considered the non-performance category and should not be considered for future performance until the contractor can be re-qualified.
  • When a contractor falls into the non-performance category he shall be notified verbally and given the opportunity to meet with the CH team to discuss the opportunity for reconsideration
  • Re-qualification of a contractor shall be considered by the team on a case by case basis.
  • Any re-qualification should be considered on a conditional basis and the contractor must perform at the 4-5 level on at least one subsequent project to be considered a “pre-approved” contractor.
  • Add an item to the Contractor Assessment form to evaluate the performance of the project superintendent to reinforce the recent addition of superintendent pre-approval to the C-H specification.
  • For a new contractor to be considered for inclusion as a bidder or approved after the bid or as requested by an owner the contractor must submit in writing a list of comparable projects with valid up to date reference contact information included. 
  • The project manager will be responsible for checking the reference and qualifying the contractor on a provisional – one project – basis to be considered in the future based on performance.

In the majority of cases, obtaining the operating permit from the health department at the end of construction will be the swimming pool contractor’s responsibility.

The studio director should send the principal architect a project closeout letter.

Counsilman-Hunsaker requests that electronic copies of the projects plans, and specification be forwarded.

90 day follow-up with the owner and the architect are performed via phone survey.

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