Durafirm fabricates railings consistent with what CH designed at CSG which is between 37” and 38” above the springboard. SR Smith manufactures railings between 30” and 32” above the board.

The only state codes which appear to address railing heights for diving boards are TX, NV, MA, IL, AZ, CA, and AL (Baldwin Co.).  All of these standards with the exception of CA call for a minimum height of 30”.  CA requires 36”.  ANSI paragraph also requires a minimum railing height of 30”.

Bollinger, Inc. which is a commercial insurance company recommending railings 36” above diving boards

Nowhere was an intermediate rail requirement found.  However, it’s recommended by CPN since it’s the industry standard from all manufacturers.

CH standard when designing custom railings is to mimic Durafirm’s dimensional minimums.

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