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It is the Project Manager’s decision on whether a sight sump is necessary for each project. Sight sumps should not be included on above grade-elevated pool.

Sight Sumps are used to measure of the amount of water under the pool and to detect a leak in the pool shell/piping. Sight sumps are not designed for dewatering however, the vertical pipe is sized appropriately incase a sump pump is required.

Horizontal sight sump piping should run the length of the pool to 5’-0” off the opposite wall. The vertical pipe size is recommended to be 12”.

Sight sumps should be located under the deepest parts of the pool.

Provide bronze covers on competition and high-end pools (14” x 14” represented on all typical details). Twin skimmer lids, grating, or PVC / fiberglass covers may be considered on leisure pools.  A more expensive option would be pan-filled lids that would match the deck finish.

A sight sump should be provided in the pool deck or in the filter room to provide a visual monitor of ground water level. In potentially high water table conditions, a sight sump should also be provided outside the building with a diameter wide enough to accommodate a high volume suction pump to dewater the substrata.  Engineers will sometimes specify a drainage system under the pool to a collection point featuring redundant lift pumps or to gravity discharge.

The use of sight sumps minimizes the likelihood of the pool floating. Before emptying swimming pool, the operator should examine the water table level in sight sump.  If water is above bottom of pool, a portable pump should be used to dewater the ground.  After the water table is lowered below the pool bottom, the pool should be emptied slowly, and the hydrostatic relief valves should be monitored in the bottom of the main outlet sumps.

Portable Utility Pumps #

One portable utility pump should be provided for each site.

Provide a portable utility pump for all outdoor pools that are emptied. Drain down pumps will drain the vast majority of the water in the pool, but to get any remaining water out of the bottom, a utility pump is helpful.

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