SlideRenu (Waterslide Surfacing)

SlideRenu specializes in water slide maintenance coatings, cleaners, waxes, polishes, and glazes. They advertise in their promotional literature that their coatings last twice as long as Gel-Coat and epoxy paint.  In 2014, we received a quote from them to refurbish two slides (approximately 10,000 sq/ft of surface area) for the Wheeling, IL Park District.  The quote was for $75,651, which was over $200,000 cheaper that the quote from Whitewater After Sales and Service. They claim their color and gloss retention is 7-10 years and has excellent UV protection. They recommended to recoat after that 7-10 year period. In addition to coatings, SlideRenu also offers fiberglass flume repairs, joint caulking, permanent joint sealing, stair treads and slide tower painting.

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