SPC Experience

The project manager should use their own judgment on the number and size of the pools that are required to have been completed by the contractor for project pre-approval.

The baseline for contractor requirements should require that the contractor have completed at least five public-use, competition/leisure pools with individual water surface areas in excess of 4500 square feet and a depth of 11’-6” or more within the last 10 years.  The pools must be complete and currently in operation.

In addition to the experience of the pool contracting company, the Division 13 Specification will also require for the qualifications and experience of the pool contractor’s on-site superintendent to have the experience in constructing pools that are equivalent to the qualifications required for the contracting company.  This will help ensure that that onsite supervision will be provided by an experienced individual.

Pools meeting these requirements (for both the contractor and superintendent) must be complete and currently in operation.

The Master Pools Guild is a global network of elite custom pool builders who share creative ideas, techniques, and technology in their committed to build the world's finest pools.  The Gallery of Pools will show you a wide array of creative custom concrete swimming pools for family homes and luxurious estate poolscapes crafted by these Master Pools Builders. By visiting their website, project managers can research contractors’ qualifications.

When the situation arises where CH is requested to give a detailed opinion of a contractor, CH should abstain if possibly.  It should simply be stated that CH has done several pools with Contractor X and they meet/don’t meet the qualifications in the project’s specifications.  Additional opinions from CH should not be given.

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