A recessed toe ledge may be located approximately 4’-0” below the water level on competition, diving, or training pools. It may be located in all four walls, in the two end walls of the 50 x 25 pool and on three sides of the deep-water diving pool.  The ledge should be a vertical opening 6” high with a tread 6” wide.   The recessed space usually features a 45º up-slope at the rear of the ledge.  They can be located on just the main starting end of a pool or on any combination of additional sides of the pool.

Toe ledges provide competitive athletes a place to rest in between sets or while receiving instructions from a coach. It is CH standard to design toe ledges on all competitive pools with deep water.  Locations should be discussed with the owner.

Disadvantages to a toe ledge are:

  • It is expensive, specifically in a shotcrete pool, to cut out the toe ledge (its fairly simple in a cast-in place pool); and
  • Draining is an issue when the pool is emptied because standing water is often left on the back of the ledge when it’s not sloped properly.

Toe ledges are often tiled so that they stand out.

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