Standard vortex freeboard height is 12” above water. For skimmer pools the standard vortex freeboard height is 6” above the water.

Water depths between 3’-0” and 3’-8” is typically between waist and shoulder high for most individuals and is therefore the optimal range for water depth in a vortex.

A minimum opening of 5’-0” should be provided.

Minimum wall thickness for a vortex should be 18”. This wall thickness should provide sufficient room to install the supply piping for the nozzles.

30 GPM should be provided per foot of diameter for vortex pools up to 15’ in diameter. 50 GPM should be provided per foot of diameter for diameters greater than 15’ as a design standard.  Vortex input velocity should be maximized, 15-20 ft/sec for maximizing kinetic energy input into the pool.

A positive flow must be maintained when the feature is off. At least one wall inlet is required.  Consider interconnecting with the main drain to prevent leaf/debris in an outdoor pool.

A VFD is recommended for the control of the vortex propulsion pump.

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