Lifeguard Manager F.A.Q.

Lifeguard Manager™ FAQ

  1. Can I get custom forms? 
    Yes, we are regularly asked by clients for custom forms specific to their facility or own internal processes. We’re happy to provide this service for a modest fee and will provide a personalized quote, upon request, based on the scope of work. 
  2. Can I select who can run and view reports? 
    Yes, this is a typical part of the administrative setup for HydroApps. The various user roles provide certain access to certain logs and reports which can also be modified on an individual basis.
  3. Can we automate the setup of all our lifeguards in HydroApps? 
    Yes, we can perform a batch import of lifeguards into the HydroApps system using a list in various formats, including Excel, Word, or PDF.
  4. Can I view training and certification expirations offline? 
    Yes, these reports – and all other records and reports – can be exported to a PDF or Excel form, if needed, for offline viewing.
  5. Can I deactivate seasonal staff? 
    You can easily activate or deactivate user accounts for seasonal staff so they only have access during the season.
  6. Can I have staff members acknowledge an audit? 
    Yes, many of the forms found in HydroApps provide for e-signatures, allowing staff members to sign and save the form after completion of an audit so it’s documented that they have received it while their signature is saved on the report.
  7. Can I see who’s missed an in-service? 
    Yes, the in-service attendance reports show not only who has attended an in-service training, but also who has not attended an in-service based on the facility’s in-service frequency schedule (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).