Johnathan Nies

Project Manager

Johnathan Nies

Project Manager

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Johnathan Nies has a diverse aquatics background including indoor and outdoor operations, training and management as well as working for the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Working with the City of Colorado Springs, US Air Force Academy, and private clubs, Johnathan learned pool operation and management. After his time in aquatic operations, he helped launch the Advanced Service Technician course at the National Swimming Pool Foundation, which trains residential service professionals how to better manage their business and give the best service to their customers.

As a member of the CHAMP team, Johnathan maintains certifications as a Certified Park and Recreation Professional, Emergency Medical Technician, American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor, and NSPF Certified Pool Operator.



"It’s my theory that the better trained you are, the more natural courage you have, because you have a belief in yourself." — Col. David Hackworth


  • 1. US Air Force Commendation
  • 2. Certified Park and Rec Pro
  • 3. Emergency Medical Tech - NREMT

Favorite Projects:

  • Schedule Manager Development
  • Specialty Insurance Group Risk Assessments
  • PDRMA Aquatic Examiner Service
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