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The Lifeguard Manager web-application brings certification tracking and lifeguard performance recordkeeping into the 21stcentury, providing ready and immediate access to data with the ability to track every aspect of a well-rounded operations and risk management program and to keep it all in one place without worrying about available storage space.

  • Certification tracking features enable you to fully dictate which certifications are mandatory, add custom or local certifications and training, and to upload certification files to individual profiles. Additionally, you may select the precise timeframe to be notified when individual certifications are coming up on expiration, while customizable reporting makes managing certifications easy and distribution hassle-free.
  • In-service attendance records automate lifeguard attendance lists, including those who have attended or those who have missed and tailored to match the frequency of training. Additionally, attendees’ signatures may be captured electronically for a fully paperless solution to recording and reporting these essential continuing training sessions.
  • Audit Reports provide essential risk management solutions for viewing individual staff history, including certifications, in-services, internal observations, internal skill evaluations, live recognition drills, zone testing, and external audit.
    • Internal observation records document individual lifeguard surveillance and activity while they are on stand or staffing a ride or attraction. Photos of the zone or videos from the observation period may also be uploaded.
    • Internal skills evaluation records track individual lifeguard skills performance, complete with scenario builder and the capability to upload video from the evaluation.
    • Live recognition drill tests verify lifeguards’ ability to recognize an emergency through identifying a predetermined object and recording the individual lifeguard’s performance for thorough risk management reporting.
    • Zone tests evaluate lifeguards’ ability to recognize and respond to an emergency in the furthest and deepest part of their zone which enhances insight into zones and zone coverage

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