• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Feasibility Study
  • StatusCompleted 2007
  • ArchitectRoss Tarrant Architects


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Anderson County Pool (Study)

Anderson County, KY

Reducing the incidence of drowning, the Healthy Kentuckians 2010, a long-term public health policy, stressed prevention, including educating the public about hazards of open bodies of water. The policy promoted swimming and water safety classes, and CPR training for children and teenagers.

The Anderson County Feasibility Study comparatively evaluated location, size, program elements, facility configuration, capital and operating costs, funding mechanisms, and market potential. To meet the aquatic needs of the community, Anderson County retained Ross Tarrant Architects and Counsilman-Hunsaker to provide options regarding information and opinions developed from investigations with other aquatic providers; a tour of the future pool site and community; demographics of the market area; a review of national trends in aquatic recreation, instruction, and competition; the development of construction costs in the local area; and an analysis of how all this phenomena would impact the operation of the proposed facility.