Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center

Long Beach, CA


The Belmont Plaza Pool is a symbol of Long Beach, California, with a long-standing history of providing beach-front community recreation, U.S. Olympic swim trials, and collegiate championships. In 2008, Counsilman-Hunsaker was retained to help develop a cost estimate to retrofit and upgrade the existing pool complex. Scenarios were developed for review, providing aquatic competition, training, and leisure programming components. Options varied from basic renovation work to full replacement and enhancement. Each option focused on the goals of the city and the needs of the community.

In January 2013, the pool structure was deemed seismically unsafe in the event of a moderate earthquake and was closed permanently to protect the safety of the public.

The following year, in August 2014, Counsilman-Hunsaker was again retained to provide aquatic design and engineering services. While still in progress, final plans are now underway, after multiple revisions, for the redevelopment of the new aquatics center, designed to enhance the diving facility to the point where it could host the 2028 Olympics diving competition. The existing Belmont Pool has been demolished and will be replaced with a complex that includes all outdoor pool components.

Pending approvals, the city will continue to pursue various funding opportunities, including, but not limited to, fundraising efforts, grants, and engaging the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic organizing committee. If the permitting process goes as planned and the extra money is found, construction could begin as soon as summer 2021 (final design and the construction contract process will take about a year), which would allow completion in early 2023

Pool Type

Outdoor 50 Meter

Outdoor Leisure

Diving Pool

Competitive Venue

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Parks and Recreation

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Design Services

Feasibility Study


Under Construction / Design


Hastings & Chivetta Architects and Roto Architects

Project Amenities

The new design emphasizes recreation, elimination of the the spherical cover, and moving the entire complex back up the beach. This design keeps the current “temporary” Belmont Outdoor Pool, but with upgrades and permanent showers and lockers building. A second 50-meter pool will be added to complement the current 50-meter by 25-meter pool, although conversations have continued whether this new pool will be 25-yards or 25-meters wide. The modified design also includes water components specific for play, including a vortex pool, a zip-line, cascading waterfalls, splash pads, fountains, and an open family-gathering space. A small concession area has also been included directly adjacent to the family gathering lawn and the recreational pools.s.

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