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  • StatusCompleted 2019
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Belton School District (Operations Services)

Belton, OH

Counsilman-Hunsaker was contracted to provide a facility-specific Standard Operating Procedures Manual as well as maintenance and operational services for the Belton ISD Aquatic Center. The SOP Manual consisted of:

  • Aquatic staff policies and procedures for employment and at the workplace
  • Operational procedures, including opening, daily, and closing duties of all staff
  • Orientations, weekly in-services, emergency action plans, evaluations, and documentation
  • Maintenance needs and practices, including daily cleaning, water quality management, and weekly pool and amenity upkeep

A National Swimming Pool Foundation® Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO®) training course was provided for facility staff. This two-day course provided a five-year certification to participants which focused on maintenance training, water quality, daily operations, and maintenance planning. Multi-day, site-specific maintenance training of the facility’s equipment and operational needs was also provided.