• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Feasibility Study
  • StatusCompleted 2010
  • ArchitectAAIC


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Collinsville Recreation Center (Study)

Collinsville, IL

The need for a new community recreation center was evident from the results of the Collinsville Area Recreation District’s (CARD) 2004 Strategic Planning Process.  The planning process, which included community member and stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and a randomly sampled community survey of 400 residents, revealed that 72% of the respondents were interested in the creation of a community recreation center.

In 2010, the City of Collinsville retained AAIC, Inc., in association with Counsilman-Hunsaker, to provide a recreation center feasibility study. The consultant team developed four recreation center options that would help the city make an educated decision before moving forward with the construction and operation of such a facility. By having a comparison of options, CARD was able to focus on the features that would be in concert with the demographics of its community.