Wings & Waves Waterpark
McMinnville, OR
  • Pool Type Indoor Leisure
  • Project Type Water Parks
  • Project Service Design Services
  • StatusCompleted 2011
  • ArchitectGroup Mackenzie


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The 71,000 sq. ft. “Wings & Waves Waterpark,” which opened June 2011, is Oregon’s largest waterpark. Features tie into the educational focus of the Evergreen Aviation complex with its “Life Needs Water” interactive display.

The waterpark’s learning activities place an emphasis on fun. The second floor hands-on museum exhibits the importance of water in everyday life. One feature shows water falling from the sky as snow on Mount Hood is melting and flowing to the ocean, then returning to the mountain, demonstrating the three phases of water’s physical state here on earth. Other features include Smokey Bear overseeing a helicopter fighting a wildfire, a wave tank that can be used to demonstrate tides and tsunamis, and a lunar capsule play structure with an astronaut training display. Replicas of fighter jets and the space shuttle are also part of the water play features.

The waterpark includes a leisure pool and spa, but the main attractions are 10 waterslides, splash pad with a large interactive play structure, and a 91,000-gallon wave pool. Four big slides begin inside a retired Boeing 747 that sits atop the roof, 62 feet above the splash landing. The slides vary in pitch and rate of descent, the fastest being the 350-foot-long slide nicknamed “the nosedive” due to its steep descent. The wave pool is heated to 84 degrees; massive compressors can generate either a large wave or random smaller waves.

Publications and Awards:

2011 – Industry Innovation Award for Waterparks

World Waterpark Association

2011 – “High Altitude Theming”

Resort and Recreation magazine