• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Impact Study
  • StatusCompleted 2014
  • Architect


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Greenwood, City of (Study)

Greenwood, IN

Feasibility Study

The City of Greenwood Parks and Recreation retained Counsilman-Hunsaker to provide an aquatic business plan for their recently designed municipal water park. The plan offered direction to successfully enable staff to prepare for the new aquatic operations using best management practices and efficiencies.

Aquatic Design & Engineering

In May 2015, the city once again retained Counsilman-Hunsaker to design the new Freedom Springs Aquatic Center which features a competition pool, leisure pool with a lazy river.

Aquatic Operations

In 2015, the city retained the team of Counsilman-Hunsaker and Sports Facilities Management to provide Pre-Opening Services and Full-Time Management Services for the first five years of operation.

In addition to the design and operations of the park, Counsilman-Hunsaker developed a comprehensive marketing plan to introduce the facility to the community and generate brand awareness.  Programming and marketing centered around a “Freedom and Liberty” theme.  Marketing and advertising mediums included radio, local sports team partnerships, sponsorship packages, billboards, daily deals, and website optimization.