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Michigan State University Pools (Audit)

Lansing, MI

Michigan State University commissioned Counsilman-Hunsaker to provide a facility assessment of three facilities: IM West, IM Circle and Jenision facilities.

The IM West facility consists of two pools, an indoor stretch 25-yard competition and an outdoor 50-meter competition swimming pool built in 1958. The outdoor pool was originally built to host the 1959 Pan American Championships. The IM Circle facility includes an indoor 25-yard lap pool built in 1957. The Jension facility includes an indoor 25-yard teaching pool built in 1941.

Site visits were conducted in April and May of 2017. The purpose of the site visits was to evaluate the existing facilities and their respective mechanical systems and to report any areas of concern. General items discussed within the report include comments regarding the natatorium, pool structure, perimeter overflow systems, pool recirculation systems, ADA accessibility, pool finishes, swimming and diving equipment, timing systems, as well as pool mechanical conditions and recommendations. An opinion of probable cost was completed to provide an accurate cost estimate for all repairs and recommendations.

Additionally, a full function assessment to benchmark the facilities against the other competitive and leisure pool facilities in the Big 10 conference was completed. This included a comprehensive report of trends within competitive and leisure aquatics, including detailed information on the ideal natatorium design to enhance intercollegiate swimming and diving training and recruiting as well as student recreation, fitness, and leisure. This, along with information regarding existing Big 10 aquatic programs, gave the university a detailed report to reference when planning future of aquatics on campus.