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Mitchell Aquatic Center (Pre-Opening Services)

MItchell, SD

In November of 2016, Counsilman-Hunsaker was contracted by the City of Mitchell to provide pre-opening services for the new Mitchell Aquatic Center.  Services included developing a Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Pre-Opening Startup Tools, and a facility-specific Business Plan, as well as providing an assessment of operational needs. The SOP Manual consisted of:

  • Aquatic staff policies and procedures for employment and at the workplace
  • Operational procedures, including opening, daily, and closing duties of all staff
  • Orientations, weekly in-services, emergency action plans, evaluations, and documentation
  • Maintenance needs and practices, including daily cleaning, water quality management, and weekly pool and amenity upkeep

In addition to the Standard Operating Procedures, Counsilman-Hunsaker also developed a facility-specific business plan for the aquatic center based on the proposed programming, staff levels, and operational hours of the facility and presented the findings the City of Mitchell for approval.  The business plan included expected expenses, anticipated revenues, and options for changes to existing fee schedules to create stronger cost recovery.  The final business plan was integrated with the Mitchell Recreation Center which is attached to the Aquatic Center and operates as one facility.  The final plan projected a 73% – 79% cost recovery for the entire Recreation Center building.  In October of 2018 the City of Mitchell reported to Counsilman-Hunsaker that the center had a 76% cost recovery rate.