• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Facility Audit
  • StatusCompleted 2007
  • ArchitectNone


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Monterey Sports Center Pool (Audit)

Monterey, CA

The City of Monterey Sports Center is the largest family fitness facility on the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey Sports Center offers many fitness and recreational programs for the community.

Counsilman-Hunsaker was contracted by the construction management company, Harris and Associates representing the City of Monterey to conduct a Facility Audit on the two existing swimming pools at the Monterey Sports Center, located at 301 East Franklin Street, Monterey, California. The purpose of the audit was to observe the current physical state of the swimming pools and swimming pool equipment, and prepare a report for the Monterey Sports Center to plan funding sources for immediate repairs, and long- term maintenance and upgrades.