• Pool Type Indoor Stretch-25
  • Project Type Competition Venues, K-12
  • Project Service Design Services
  • StatusCompleted 2005
  • ArchitectTMP Associates, Inc.


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Oxford High School Natatorium

Oxford, MI

Counsilman-Hunsaker, in association with TMP Associates, was commissioned to design a world-class aquatic facility for Oxford High School.

State-of-the-art features of the stretch 25-yard pool include:

  • Eight competition lanes outlined in black tile markers from the deep end parapet to bulkhead
  • Six-foot-wide moveable fiberglass bulkhead
  • Practice lanes, from the bulkhead to shallow end, allowing diving while swimming occurs
  • Starting platforms for all lanes located on the parapet
  • Two 1-meter diving stands

The pool has a water depth of 13 ft. 6 in. at the deep end, while the shallow end’s depth is set at 3 ft. 8 in. to allow as much shallow water as possible for training.