• Pool Type
  • Project Type K-12
  • Project Service Feasibility Study
  • StatusCompleted 2018
  • Architect


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Regis Jesuit High School Pool (Study)

Aurora, CO

Regis Jesuit High School, the alma mater of Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, was ready to replace their aging lap pool.  As conversation began, Regis High School retained Counsilman-Hunsaker to provide a feasibility study that would evaluate potential pool concepts.  The team at Counsilman-Hunsaker met with representatives from Regis, including teachers, coaches, and administration, to understand the current and future goals of the swimming program.  Based on this information, three conceptual plans were created for Regis to evaluate.  Based on this information, the high school began a funding campaign for a new indoor stretch 25 competition pool.