• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Feasibility Study
  • StatusCompleted 2009
  • ArchitectCallander Associates


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San Jose District Two (Study)

San Jose, CA

The City of San Jose contracted Callander Associates, Landscape Architects and Counsilman Hunsaker to assemble information obtained during the previously completed Aquatic Facilities Master Plan project that was relevant to the District Two Site Selection Study project. Additional scope included visit and review of 17 preliminary candidate sites identified by the city, preparation of a Site Selection Matrix to determine three ideal preferred candidate sites. For each of the three preferred candidate sites conceptual planning of the building footprint and swimming pools were prepared. Plans were based on the design program outlined in the Aquatic Facility Master Plan and cost estimate figure of $10.5 million for a medium family aquatic center.

A detailed written report of the Site Selection Study process and collected information was prepared for the city that included the site specific conceptual planning for three sites, general discussion of facility management, sources of potential funding, opinion of probable revenue, expenses, facility financial performance, and projected maintenance requirements for each of the selected three preferred sites.

Next steps to the Site Selection Study requires the city to confirm site availability for the purpose of building a medium sized family aquatic center, designate use and/or purchase site, and to implement the project.