• Pool Type
  • Project Type Universities, Renovation
  • Project Service Facility Audit
  • StatusCompleted 2014
  • ArchitectTreanor Architects


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South Plains College Swimming Pool (Audit)

Levelland, TX

In February 2014, Treanor Architects commissioned Counsilman-Hunsaker to perform a swimming pool audit at South Plains College to identify items that were substandard among the pool and mechanical equipment, as well as, items not meeting current health code requirements or industry standards.  After 43 years of operation, the pool was found to be in need of repairs and upgrades in many areas.  Multiple recommendations were made including the following:

  • Providing an increased turnover rate to meet current industry standards
  • Performing additional testing to determine the location of a suspected leak in the pool system
  • Renovation of the perimeter gutter system
  • Upgrading the main drains to comply with the VGB Act
  • Replacement of pool depth markings and warning signs
  • Removal of the 1-meter springboard due to depth of the pool
  • Full renovation of the pool mechanical room and equipment

Additional commentary was provided regarding the natatorium, locker rooms and other support spaces.  An opinion of probable cost was provided for all repairs recommended in the report.  Per the request of the college, an additional opinion of probable cost was provided for replacement of the entire facility with a modern six lane lap pool and natatorium, including all support spaces.

From the information provided in the audit report, South Plains College was able to determine the location of the pool leak and has retained Counsilman-Hunsaker for renovation work including piping and main drain replacement.