• Pool Type Outdoor Leisure
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Design Services
  • StatusCompleted 2009
  • ArchitectDavid Evans and Associates


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Spokane Splashpads

Spokane, WA

In 2007, Counsilman-Hunsaker completed an Aquatic Master Plan for the City of Spokane in association with a local Architect, ALSC. The master plan identified community swimming pools that had reached physical and functional obsolescence, and highlighted a need to provide aquatic experiences to newly developed and underserved neighborhoods.

Pleased with the results from the Master Plan, Counsilman-Hunsaker was awarded the title of lead aquatic designer for the new construction of all seven city community swimming pools, and the addition of 11 new park splash pads, some of which have replaced obsolete, unmanaged park wading pools.

Local landscape architects, David Evans and Associates, along with Counsilman Hunsaker, conducted multiple community meetings and elementary school outreach, to make sure that each splash pad was designed to meet individual neighborhood’s needs and desires. The splash pads were designed to allow for interactive water features to be rotated and/or replaced from one splash pad to another in the future.

The splash pad project was completed in two construction phases. Each phase was competitively bid through a public bid process. The construction cost of the entire splashpad project was delivered below the projected cost estimate outlined in the Master Plan assessment.